The sentiment of touch

“…but with still photographs the image is also an object, lightweight, cheap to produce, easy to carry about, accumulate, store.” Susan Sontag – ‘On photography’

This was the case when Susan Sontag wrote on photography in 1977, however now, physically touching an image has become a past time. We tend to only print our best photos, we only ever touch the greatest of our work. Has the idea of touching a photograph become a special occasion that we now treasure?

The time we mostly physically interact with a photograph is when it is mass produced, in a book. At most exhibitions we are forbidden to touch anything, all the interactive galleries are digital, so shield the photographers work behind a glass screen. Of course some people still choose the hands on approach and shoot on film but the majority of society never physically hold their work.

Brian Finke is an avid believer in using film, his physical interaction with both the huge scale camera and the end image plays a key part to his photographic process.

I shoot exclusively with the Hasselblad, it is a great process, taking the Polaroids, loading all the backs, then while shooting taking a pause and reloading, the physicality of the camera and process are beautiful.  I also prefer the grain and depth of film and the chromogenic print, especially when viewed in a large scale, gallery environment.
-Taken from

Brian Finke


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PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.

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