Pornographic Braille

Understanding the effects the loss of a sense can have on a life is difficult. We have been researching the effects with regards to art and photography and the ways this is being overcome by photographers around the World. What hasn’t  been addressed is the day to day use of our senses. Playboy have created a version of their magazines with braille accompanying the images. Initially this seems like a strange concept, but on thought it is a perfectly natural desire as a human. The most altered view of the world is experienced by the visually impaired, which reaches throughout every aspect of life. Our culture is saturated with sexual imagery at very turn; on television, in films, in magazines, in advertising; everywhere we look we see this type of imagery which, for years has caused a strong debate regarding innocence and the availability of such images. The visually impaired do not experience this exposure; they are living a relatively censored life. Aside from the general exposure through the media, an issue to be addressed is the availability of this when desired. PlayBoy released a magazine with Braille accompanying the pictures, however this simply was translated from the words shown in the magazine.  I think it is a fair statement that the text is not the appeal of magazines such as Playboy.

Lisa Murphy launched a magazine in 2010 entitled ‘Tactile Minds’, featuring both Braille accompanying text and raised pornographic images of both men and women. The aim of this magazine was to bridge the gap in our saturated culture for the blind and visually impaired who have been overlooked through the market and as such denied these sexual images. The one-off magazine was sold at £150 per issue, which, in itself contradicts the attempt to correct the exclusion of the visually impaired in the porn industry. This huge cost excludes those who cannot afford such luxuries. However, a first step is needed in the progression of culture.


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PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.

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