The Essen Taste of Lomography.

Lomography and Essen Taste teamed up to create a competition on food photography last year.

“There is no use in denying it. Food is an essential part of our daily life and culture. We worship it in any form, color, dish, and taste. Starting from appetizers, the roast recipes from our grandmothers and aunts, all the way down to the ones we invented just so that we won’t have an empty stomach. Essen I A taste Magazine, inspired by the beauty of food, proposed itself as one of the first online magazines that is able to delve across the culinary world, not only sharing interesting recipes, but also exploring the absolute aesthetics. All over the world, food is the main ingredient of every culture, able to unite and identify people. This is also shown in the huge amount of pictures that immortalize food in every form and aspect from our Lomographic archive or anywhere in the world. Now, what we want is just to see you in the kitchen!

Choose anything yummy to shoot. It could be a simple table set, your most successful creams Brulè ever, the turkey you’ve cooked for Thanksgiving, or the makings of your favourite dish. Basically, we want to know all the aspects of food through your photos.”

Many of the entries were outstanding, not only exploring types of food but the beauty in them with photography acting as a medium to connect different cultures together.

The winner was taken by Olga Vaikas. A double exposure and for the successful communication of the subject “Summer”.


After the end of the competition, all of the entries were made into a taste exhibition at Triennale Milano, a space where taste and all the relating senses can be explored and viewed by others.


About phonarphotosense

PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.

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