Food and Fashion.



Designer Sarah Burton seems to have entered the mind of Alexander McQueen and brought dreamy shapes and volumes to the runway. The inspiration comes once again from a magic world, the underwater world: however, we do not know to which planet it belongs. On the runway there are sea shell-women, sea anemones with variously colored corollas, and floating fabrics which remind us of the intangible feelings of the sea foam. A collection of great effect that leaves a lot of room for light colors (lilac, pink) and then explodes with a stunning red, ending with a swirl of black. A fascinating and extremely creative work that deserves to be honored (that is to say, every excuse is good to celebrate). What do you usually serve to your guests after dinner? I recently get along quite well with this champagne delicacy: slightly pink, easy to make and so fresh to make you digest even Aunt Assunta fried eggplant. You just need a bottle of Champagne rosé (and I know it is not so common to have it at home). By the way, have you ever thought about the infinite journey of some wine bottles? First, you bring them to a dinner at some friends’ (who never open them), and you end up finding the same bottles over and over again in another house, at another dinner with some common friends. I wonder why that never happens with Champagne bottles… Alternatively, you can use a sparkling rosé wine.

Today’s look is not for everyone. First, your complexion should match the colors of the outfit; second, you’ll have to be tall enough to allow you to wear it without looking like the crazy of the village; third … actually you will look kind of crazy, even if you are 1 meter and 80 centimeters. Rei Kawakubo must like pop-up books a lot, since he created a collection entirely inspired by them. Brilliant? Creative? Imaginative? The skills of this designer are endless, like the colors that she proposes for the fall/winter collection. Fluorescent pink, baby pink, red, blue, light blue, animal print, flowers (big, small, stylized, abstract), polka dots and camouflage are all examples of high-fashion mimicry. I suggest you have a look to the collection here, because it is a series of really funny pictures playing with shapes and materials (especially woolen cloth).


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PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.

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