Project I Lived Here.

Hi everyone, Genea here.

As you all know, this is a blog that focuses on the all round sensory experience of photography and is in collaboration with Phonar, the free open undergraduate photography course.

Each week we get set a task, which you can see here. This week, our last task is called a life in the day, and this is where Project I Lived Here comes in. I plan to show the life of my childhood home by re-visiting it and photographing the new people that live there now.

That got me thinking, maybe I could get more people involved, get them to go back to their childhood homes and tell it’s life through photographs, old photographs of them in the house or photographing the new life that exists in that house. Alongside sound recordings that represent the life in the house, this could be soundscapes taken from around or inside the house or short stories about experiences living in the house. I aim to create a sort of online exhibition, a mashed up sensory experience of old childhood homes.

BUT, to do this, I’ll need help and this is where YOU come in.

If you would like to get involved in this project, I ask you to send me photographs of your old childhood home, either old photographs from a family album or going back to visit it and making new images of the home itself or the new people that live in that home.

As well as this, I would also like you to record a soundscape representing your old childhood home, this could be the noise standing next to or inside your old home, a shared short story [under 3 mins]  about your memories of your childhood home, get the new residents to share some experiences about their memories in the home or simply record yourself saying “I lived here” or the address of your old home.

I think this could be something really fantastic, as long as we get a few people to participate. So do please spread the word.

Send any recordings/images to or feel free to ask me any questions too.

If you’d like to see the project in action, just visit – 


About phonarphotosense

PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.


  1. love the idea genea! what did jdub say during your feedback?

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