The Senses Five.

The senses five is a lovely little blog run by Natalie Adams which is an exploration into the things that tickle her senses using photography to share them with us, worth a read! Just like our blog, she’s arranged her categories into sight, smell, sound, taste and touch which you can click on and explore, it’s an added bonus that she’s has a fantastic eye for photography so the images are also a pleasure to look at and she posts about everything from fashion to food and even taxidermy!


Natalie Adams (formerly know as Claire Standish) works as an online advertising guru for a fancy firm in metro Detroit as well as a freelance Marketing & Communications Consultant providing creative direction, online marketing,  branding strategy, and more to independent companies. When she’s not slinging around marketing tips or blogging for The Senses Five you can find her rummaging thrift stores for stripes and bracelets, hunting for chairs, making a mess in the kitchen or playing in her basement darkroom all while rotating coffee and wine at an absurd pace.

The Senses Five is a collection of things that please the eyes, smell good, tickle your taste buds, delight your ears, and feel fantastic.

The Senses Five was created in the mind many many moons ago, the blog officially started in 2008.

Natalie lives in Ann Arbor, MI with her husband “Bub,” Norris the tuxedo cat, and Mischa the Newfoundland pup. She didn’t match her pets on purpose… or did she.

[The image used was taken from this post –]


About phonarphotosense

PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.

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