PHOTOSENSE is a exploration of narrative and the response of the different senses.

Photography is a response of the sight. This is being challenged through the exploration of further senses when targeted as a reinforcement of the response gained through sight, or when targeted alone in comparison. Many artists have been investigating the effects of sound and touch as a way of representing specific imagery as apposed to relying solely on the sense of sight, and this project is an investigation of such artists.

The concept of work created by blind photographers is an intriguing one, one which is only recently coming into the consciousness of the wider population. This project attempts to expand the understanding and appreciation of the conceptual work created by differently abled photographers, and to investigate the altered response within the viewer.

PHOTOSENSE is working is collaboration with PHONAR, an independent study of photography and narrative within an open Undergraduate University class. PHOTOSENSE is an extension of this into the way the different senses are utilized in a bid to achieve a certain response within the viewer.


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